The arts have been a staple element in my life since birth. My parents brought me up with a knowledge of and appreciation for music, literature, theatre, and art. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I lived for the moments where I could bring a sense of beauty to my schoolwork and to my peers. God gave me a passion and purpose in art. While I didn’t start college with Art as my major, I came to the realization during my freshman year that I had to pursue that which God gave me an ability and passion.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University gave me an invigorating start in my undergraduate education even though it is a conservative and small school. It was where I learned essential knowledge as to making art such as using the wood workshop to create stretchers and stretch my canvas. My studies were limited but I ended up choosing to work in Painting and Mixed Media.

I’ve earned my MFA at the University of Newcastle in England. The program was highly independent and required self initiative. It was an invigorating and wonderful experience.