The arts have been a staple element in my life since birth. My parents brought me up with a knowledge of and appreciation for music, literature, theatre, and art. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I lived for the moments where I could bring a sense of beauty to my schoolwork and to my peers. God gave me a passion and purpose in art. While I didn’t start college with Art as my major, I came to the realization during my freshman year that I had to pursue that which God gave me an ability and passion.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University gave me an invigorating start in my undergraduate education even though it is a conservative and small school. It was where I learned essential knowledge as to making art such as using the wood workshop to create stretchers and stretch my canvas. My studies were limited but I ended up choosing to work in Painting and Mixed Media.

Currently I am studying at the University of Newcastle in England, in order to obtain my MFA.